About Adventure Park

The story of Adventure Park

In the lee of the Western wind, right in the middle of nature in Western Jutland close to the sea and fjord, between Ringkøbing and Søndervig you will find Adventure Park.

The old farm built around a square is from around 1850, it is one of the oldest farms in the area, and frames the park, together with the belonging apartments.

A Family Business

The road to today’s Adventure Park started back in 2002 where the two family generations moved into the estate to pursue their dream of a life where entrepreneurship and family could be united under the same roof.

It all started with a small flower shop, a nursery garden and self-pick flowers on the appurtenant farm land.

Back then Jeannette and her parents, Margit and Alex, took care of the day-to-day running while her husband, Allan, had a desk job at Vestas Wind Systems.

Everything built up from Scratch

3 out of 4 old wings on the farm were disused at that time, as the farming had been closed down years ago.

Gradually the idea turned up to move the small flower shop into the old cowshed to get some more space. Allan and Alex rolled up their sleeves, and the cowshed of 250 m2 in size was transformed into a shop room.

The new large flower shop, House & Garden, became a great success.

Concurrently with the running of House & Garden the farmhouse went through an ongoing renovation, when there was time for this, and in 2004 Allan and Alex also changed the old stable into 4 small holiday apartments - today they are still for rental.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

In 2006 yet another new idea arose in the form of an adventure park on the old farm land, with among other things adventure golf and football golf, etc. However, this turned out to be not that easy. The local authorities had to make a district plan for the area. After 3 years with lots of can-do spirit and some wind in the face then in January 2009 Allan succeeded in getting his authorisation to what we know nowadays as Adventure Park.

On with the working clothes again - and with the assistance from many family members they managed to get the park ready for opening on June 1, 2009.

One chapter closes and new ones open

The running of House & Garden was timewise very demanding, and as a consequence of this the family chose back in 2011 to reduce the shop in favour of indoor activities in the park, such as the play centre which can be experienced still today. And in this connection the elder generation, Margit and Alex, wanted to withdraw from the company.

In 2015 Jeannette and Allan made a new big decision. They closed down for the sale of flowers in the shop and instead they now carried interior, signs and funny and odd articles, in combination with a cosy café.

At the same time they decided to turn the large old barn into a holiday apartment of 350 m2 with space for 24 overnight guests.

In 2017 the latest initiative saw the light of day, an 8-person holiday apartment in the western part of the farmhouse.

Today Adventure Park is a genuine family-owned theme park in Western Jutland, with holiday apartments of different size, where both 1st 2nd and 3rd generations have their daily course, together with the many guests in the park and in the holiday apartments.

Come and explore the Adventure Park

Come and explore the Adventure Park together with your family or company. We have funny activities for all ages, both in mind and body. We value the good atmosphere across all activities.

We hope to see you in the park. You are always welcome during opening hours. If you want a special arrangement, please contact us to learn more.

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No wind & cosy

Despite the western location, there is little wind behind trees and hills. The atmosphere is always top priority. 

Best golf lane

One af the best Adventure Golf course in Denmark. Must popular for exactly that reason. Try it for yourself. 


There is always a great and unique atmosphere among the visitors. It is very important to us. 

Family friendly

The park is quiet and calm. Relax with the family in inspirering nature with fun activities.