Drunk glasses

Have yourself a pair of drunk glasses and your eyesight will be as if you had too much to drink. Try to dribble through an obstacle course as quickly as possible, or see who is the best throwing at different things. Only your imagination sets the boundaries here as to what funny activities the glasses may be used for.


Lej en promillebrille

Pris pr. time pr. promillebrille:

  • 100 kr. for første time, derefter 25 kr. pr. påbegyndt time.

Pris pr. døgn pr. promillebrille

  • Mandag - torsdag 200 kr.
  • Fredag - søndag 300 kr.

Come and explore the Adventure Park

Come and explore the Adventure Park together with your family or company. We have funny activities for all ages, both in mind and body. We value the good atmosphere across all activities.

We hope to see you in the park. You are always welcome during opening hours. If you want a special arrangement, please contact us to learn more.

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No wind & cosy

Despite the western location, there is little wind behind trees and hills. The atmosphere is always top priority. 

Best golf lane

One af the best Adventure Golf course in Denmark. Must popular for exactly that reason. Try it for yourself. 


There is always a great and unique atmosphere among the visitors. It is very important to us. 

Family friendly

The park is quiet and calm. Relax with the family in inspirering nature with fun activities.